Hello, Third Trimester (28 Weeks)

Overnight it seems we’ve arrived at the final leg in this pregnancy journey. I look at the calendar and can’t quite believe that in less than nine weeks I’ll be considered “full term,” meaning baby could come at any time.  I feel like there’s so much I should be doing and no time to do it… the stretches, the supplements, the reading… But while I hurriedly try and plan for this experience, this right of passage, I remind myself that it really is unnecessary. My  body knows what to do. Our baby knows what to do. I just have to let it unfold like it’s going to. This seems to qualify as easier said than done.

Months ago one of my closest friends sent me a birthday card. Inside was a tiny plastic lizard that made me laugh out loud… a reminder to let my lizard brain, our ancient selves… to not let our advanced mine work to our detriment. Would it surprise you if I told you she is a scientist?

The third trimester has brought a lot of changes. I move slower and with greater effort. Baby moves faster and with greater strength and regularity. My body feels large and unsteady. I have to hoist myself out of our bed.  But over the weekend we went on a short hike and it felt so good to get out and move… even if my current state meant having to sit down and slide down a small icy hill.

Midwife visits have now been bumped up to every two weeks. Another one of those events that seems significant as if to herald baby’s arrival. I wonder if she or he can start to sense the enormity of what’s to happen. I imagine Baby living the sweet island life in there, let’s say in Hanalei, balmy temperatures and always well fed, only to be forced out of paradise into the harsh reality of the tail end of Montana winter. Who wouldn’t cry? We promise to keep the fire roaring, sweet baby of ours.

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