Halfway There (21 Weeks)

Somehow, twenty-one weeks have gone by, and a little over a week ago we found ourselves sitting in a darkened room and watching a big screen TV as the sweet ultrasound tech ran a wand over my glistening abdomen and showed us the first images of our little baby. I grabbed his arm as we watched in awe; I saw the little person making the movements I was feeling at that very moment. We could even saw Baby swallowing and in the end sucking his or her thumb. It was actually magic.

The Golden Age of Pregnancy

20 Weeks Pregnant

During this first half of the second trimester, I’ve loved being pregnant. I’ve coped with the changes happening and look at my growing body with awe. Other than some aches and pains and trouble getting my extra pillows just so to sleep and a little insomnia here and there, I feel great!  Weeks ago I never thought I’d say that. I actually recall myself saying How could people DO this more than once?! as I lay pathetically on the bed in a wave of nausea. But now it’s different. I love the feeling of movement in my belly and talking to Baby during the day.  We were at a huge indoor farmers market a week ago and all of the older ladies were so excited that at the beginning of next season I would be toting a baby. That excites me, too.

What’s been remarkable is how true it is that pregnancy is just a natural thing for your body to go through–of course there are mind-blowing changes but the vast majority of the time I feel normal. I think I thought I’d feel totally different in every way but not yet… for now, it’s me with a baby growing inside.

Baby kicks periodically throughout the day, especially in the early morning and at night when I’m very still though and it’s so exciting. The first movement I noticed was actually on my birthday! A sort of popcorn-popping feeling. Now the movement is much more distinct and certain. I’m hoping L will be able to place his hand on my belly and feel it soon too– in the coming weeks, right? As of last night, October 28, L felt the baby kick for the very first time! A birthday punch perhaps. Speaking of him, my only real pregnancy complaint is my belly getting so big is that I can’t give him a full on hug.


Pregnancy Doesn’t Happy in a Vacuum

I always thought that pregnancy would take over my life, seriously. That the events of the outside would just cease to be important and instead the universe (mine anyway) would be solely focused on the well-being of this particular being. I’d be reading constantly and searching this and that because nothing else would be important enough to register. But pregnancy doesn’t happen in a vacuum after all. The past six weeks have been consumed with much beyond pregnancy, including most prominently an emergency medical event of a parent who happened to be here in Montana when it happened. It’s in times like these that one is reminded of the sacred nature of  each moment… and just how unpredictable life is.  To our great thanks, he is mending and headed home where he’ll be far more comfortable to heal further.

Random Thoughts


On stuff: The stuff aspect of baby coming is probably the most stressful thing for me. I’m keeping things as minimal as possible but even still, my goodness. We’ve started building our stash of cloth diapers and have an assortment of carriers, a stroller/bassinet system, and newborn clothes.  I’ve gotten a lot of joy from getting pre-owned (often never used) items so far.

On hunger: Some days I feel normal and other days I’m starving all day. Not craving anything in particular but enjoying macadamia nuts and chocolate very much.

On symptoms: not too many to report, other than congestion (since the early days), some muscle aches, and overheating at times in restaurants and such.

On travel: Road trip! We’re headed west in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited. We’re hitting Portland (Ikea! Whole Foods! Trader Joe’s! Asian Supermarkets! Really good food!) and planning on driving down the 101 to Redwoods Park and possibly Crater Lake on the way home!

On books: I’m one of the weird ones who read books about pregnancy and childbirth well before being pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve been drawn towards books that are more encouraging and less overwhelming… especially since I’ve read so much about all the ‘what-ifs’ already. My favorites so far:
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Classic.
Mindful Birthing  I could (and will, maybe) write and write about this book. It is incredible. I’ve read it 2x already. It’s based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. While we don’t have the classes nearby, Luke and I will go through the 9-week program ourselves this winter before baby comes. I even bought the CD that includes guided meditations. It’s wonderful.

On love: I am in a especially-smitten-with-my-husband period, even more than usual which says a lot. Tomorrow he celebrates his birthday! And just after that we celebrate ELEVEN YEARS together.

On time: Please, slow down.

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