Our 2nd Anniversary


Two Years
Me and him. Two years married. In love every single day.

In celebration we explored Fairmount Park near the Horticultural Center. We settled in near the fountain to enjoy a lunch he packed us. The weather was perfect and only a handful of other visitors could be found. We passed a gathering in a gazebo that turned out to be a Buddhist wedding–I wished them well from afar, delighting in the fact that another couple shared our anniversary. Last year, on our first anniversary in Colares, there was a huge celebration taking place in the town square. I think it’s lucky.


We walked through the gardens and found the Shofuso Japanese House. We shed our shoes, customary and required, and began our tour through the house. To us, it was absolute heaven–almost bare rooms constructed of all natural materials. The only decor was the occasional ikebana arrangement or the incredible waterfall murals throughout. Here we learned a bit more about wabi sabi, the concept of honoring impermanence and imperfection, specifically in how you design your life.


More information about Shofuso Japanese House

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