twenty-eight years old

This is a good age.
I came into it after a year of self-definition.
I came into it after a year of vulnerability, curiosity, and bliss. And gratitude, always gratitude.

Twenty-seven was defining.

I got married.
I fell deeper in love.
I let myself be loved.
I felt a life transformation take place.

I decided to trust myself.
to listen to my own ideas and to value them
to confidently and unabashedly think myself smart, capable, beautiful and interesting
to decide myself worthy

I prioritized my health this year, in so doing opening a sort of Pandora’s box that perhaps I wasn’t quite ready for.
Nevertheless, I remind myself I’m worth it.
How do I do this?

I write it in my notes to myself.
my words of affirmation
I feel it from the people I keep in my company.
I see it in the way we live our days
the way we imagine our future

My relationships are ever-evolving.
My thoughts are ever-evolving.
I am ever-evolving.

This is my preferred existence.
At last I can see, respect, and be excited by that notion.

Happy birthday, indeed.

Twenty-eight, twenty-seven did all the hard work for you.
so you can savor those fruits
get creative with them
and never apologize for your curiosity

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