Our Kauai Elopement Dream Team: Rachel Thurston

Oh, Rachel. She was the sole female presence on our wedding day and a beautiful, kind, and supportive one at that. From the moment she, beaming in her seventh month of pregnancy, stepped out of her car on that little dirt road leading to the sea, we just clicked.

We walked down the beach toward the ceremony spot, chatting like old friends about this and that. While we all gathered our thoughts, she gathered her tools, extensions of herself really, in the form of a camera on each side of her body– one film and one digital. She captured every moment and somehow was able to be completely present in each too, as we grinned at each other as Kelvin cracked open the coconut. She was a dream to work with as it wasn’t work at all.

Following the ceremony we took a few portraits. While both of us felt shy about the whole thing, I don’t think you could’ve have known. She gave us direction in the most subtle but clear way and beyond that just let us be us. The only true intervention was when she took my hair and tossed it across my face with even more vigor than the strong wind that day to achieve one of my favorite shots– we had fun.

One thing she said that I won’t forget it is that being there, being the sole witness to our union, was an honor that she didn’t take lightly. We picked the right person.

Rachel is the real deal. She shoots in both film and digital, and does both masterfully. If you find yourself on Kauai for any reason and wish to have a few photos taken, you should give her a call. Her work is so beautiful, and her passion for her art and dedication to her couples and families is tear-worthy.

Rachel Thurston
Instagram (where I found her!)

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