Our Kauai Elopement Dream Team: Kelvin Ho

Photo by Rachel Thurston

Kelvin, our officiant, was the most important piece. Us an him. The only main players of the event. Selecting an officiant was a choice that was made for me as soon as I stumbled upon his site and read the reviews. Both glowed.

He officiates the most glamorous, celebrity affairs, and little exchanges like ours. Each is approached with the same amount of care, I’m sure. But I know only our genuine experience.

We had never met in person or talked on the phone even  before that morning. Our correspondence was inspiring and reassuring. He asked about our love story, I told him and ended with what this all meant for us. I released my need for control and let him do his work. I contributed only a poem, and he created the rest.

Our wedding day came. After a hurried morning, we arrived at Moloa’a and he was waiting patiently in the parking lot. We had an instant feeling of peace. He asked which area of the beach we preferred, I pointed and he smiled and agreed it was his favorite part too.

We shed our shoes and walked over together. He left us together as he set up a small area for our ceremony. He has a gift for knowing when you need time to just be.

He was the guiding hand we needed without being at all insistent. The whole ceremony could be compared to a guided meditation: kind words, reflection, repeat. It was an all-encompassing spiritual and emotional experience in great thanks to him. He created it and we lived it.

Kelvin is the epitome of a professional that is wholly passionate about and dedicated to his work. He can be trusted fully to create a ceremony that outperforms anything you have conjured up and one forever the target of your daydreams thereafter.

Kelvin Ho
website (with information about how to get a marriage license)

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