Our Kauai Elopement Dream Team: Elvrine Chow

The beauty of planning your own elopement is in the relationships you make. The communication beforehand and the excitement and emotion of the day create an almost-instant  bond. Suffice it to say, I will never forget these fine people.

These aren’t just vendors; they are our friends. Each one brought something so special to the preparations and our wedding day itself, that I needed to say more about each.

Elvrine is an angel, really.  She has a presence that is warm yet inspiring. Before we even met, her passion for her craft, creating custom haku lei, leaped out at  me. I inquired via e-mail and she told me she’d love to make my wedding haku. I shared pictures of my dress and she shots of flowers and herbs she’d collected from her garden after our initial conversation; It was all very dreamy and one of the highlights for someone who gushes over flowers.

The price was incredibly fair and a small fraction of what many charge for similar floral crowns. I’d read that she’d be encouraged by others to raise her prices due to her level of skill, but she wasn’t interested. She believed in the life of this tradition and its incorporation in the daily lives of residents and visitors alike. Days before we were set to meet her, she contacted me with directions to her booth at the Kauai Culinary Market in Poipu (she’s there each Wednesday).

Meeting her was like visiting with an old friend and exactly what my nerves were craving. We talked for a while–her, Luke and I–about what brought her to the island (her husband, then whirlwind love!) and her encouragement for us to follow the paths our dreams create, too. She indulged me by saying you created it! when I  gushed over my completed haku. She was the first to look me over in a motherly way and proclaim me a bride.

Photo by Rachel Thurston Photography

I was intent on a haku as soon as I discovered the word. A little bit of tradition in an decidedly nontraditional event. My dress wasn’t white (green, in fact), so my haku had to be. Truthfully, the haku made me feel like a bride.

Photo by Rachel Thurston Photography

Three months later, almost to the day, and I received a note telling me of her new book, Heavenly Hakus Kauai. Take a peek at the link provided. The book is rich in beautiful pictures and her sweet words. I am thrilled for her! Also in the note was an instruction…hurry back!

I was fortunate to cross paths with Elvrine. There is no one on- or off-island like her. She is an award-winning lei maker. She is a wonderful woman with a passion and appreciation for the beauty of people and world around here; that left a lasting impact on me.

Contact Information:
Elvrine Chow: heavenlyhakus@aol.com
More information

Her Book

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