a few words

…because I’m too busy to write.




one month ago today my sweetheart and I went to a beauty parlor to get our marriage license. There was a couple behind us waiting to do the same thing. Them from the west coast, us from the East, both traveling far away in the name of love. Or paradise. Or both.

We emerged from the salon positively giddy as the soaring mountains stood and greeted us as if to say, you’re on your way! Or something like that. Wedding bells make you recognize symbols and signs far more often…or it could be the days spent pouring over readings and vows and speeches.

This weekend we celebrate with as many “nearest and dearest” as we could fit in a tiny restaurant. My lists aren’t necessary dwindling but perhaps getting more specific. Items like purchase marmalade only if under X amount. If more, go to WFM. It’s safe to say I may very well be losing whatever “it” is.

Anyway, a few words because I’m too busy to write, but want to document a little bit of the excitement. Yay marriage!

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