a message for 2015

I’m excited! for you. love and marriage (May!) and continuing on this journey of loving and appreciating myself, too, and  embracing and pursuing all that makes me whole.that last part is part luxury-part survival, I think. my message for 2015: If you’ve been fortunate enough to identify the pieces that make you complete, it’s essential that you nurture them-passions, people, dreams-whatever they may be. and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

and tonight, we feast: I’m devouring  A Kitchen in Franceand making the richest menu of:

Roquefort and Walnut Gougeres
Roast Duck and Potatoes
Spring Mix Salad
Pear Flognarde

plus champagne, of course, and oysters if I can convince the restaurant nearby to accommodate take out, and bob dylan on the radio.

here’s to all of you in 2015. wishing you every happiness. xx

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