Packing for Spain in a Carry-On


days before we depart and I’ve conquered that anxiety I always thought was inevitable. maybe it’s experience, or perhaps the nature of the trip, but either way it’s a welcome change. I love this routine-printing out copies of everything just in case, placing satisfying checks next to each and every to-do (as I mentioned before, I love this list), notifying everyone that matters for critical matters (i.e. banks! credit cards!) and frantically “googling” last minute ideas or questions. I know it doesn’t sound fun, but it really, truly is. in fact, while organizing a few documents I yelped out I’m so excited!!! before I could hold back my words.

there is nothing in the world like the feeling of landing in another country and beginning an adventure. never mind the jet lag.

for this trip, packing is a little tricky as we’re visiting cities with vastly different climates and weather reports have fluctuated by day. I learned my lesson in Greece when I felt there no need for a jacket and was welcomed by plummeting temperatures. see, experience. nevertheless, it all goes into a carry-on or on my body.

this list just includes clothes, mind you. the rest can be found on the check-list above. as always, we’re bringing one carry-on each and I’ll have a tote bag (a simple black tote I picked up in a box labeled free in the nicest area of town. Still going strong 5 years later) too.

List, first draft (I’ll update with what I actually bring)

black jeans*
long skirt

cashmere short-sleeved top
grey sweater
black sheer top
tan lace top
3 tank tops*

1 black quarter-sleeved
1 green sleeveless

1 pair black boots*
1 pair sneakers
1 pair flats (on their last leg, so I might dispose of them while away)

pajamas, undergarments (incl. socks and pair tights)
bathing suit
2 scarves
black wool jacket or red quilted jacket, depending on forecast*
small leather cross-body purse

* denotes outfit for the plane

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