turning 27: what I know now

this past saturday, the twentieth day of the best month of the year as far as I’m concerned, I turned 27. I woke up to a huge breakfast feast fit for a queen, or little old me today. we enjoyed it leisurely then popped into the library to grab a couple of books for the next day’s beach trip. After a couple hour workshop L met me and we headed into town, wandering to no place in particular and grabbing a coffee to soak up the day’s sun. once home, we put on some music, opened the champagne and relaxed on our patio before heading to high street on market for their tasting menu feast. we wandered the cobblestone streets, weaving in and out of the normally bursting-with-people buildings, that for some reason they were empty at this time. usually at a time like this I joke that he planned it that way. more champagne and miniature desserts and I drifted to sleep, ready for the next day’s adventure.

our day at the beach was perfectly relaxing with few people and the sun peaking out here and there. we took long walks, read a little bit, and mostly just chatted about our upcoming travel plans and life and enjoyed a day with no itinerary. L planned a lavish picnic and we enjoyed it at the tables on the boardwalk. the weekend was perfect in the ways that I value most and I wouldn’t wish for anything different.

birthdays call for a little bit of reflection but not too much, you see. this year was easily one of the most stunning in the way of personal growth. sometimes I am not all together familiar with this new person and realize that it’s okay to allow for a little getting to know you period, as it is most essential.

I have a vivid memory of being in a high school science lab and admitting to friends that if I could be any age for the rest of my life I think it would be 27. Because by that time, I thought, I’d have it all figured out. Although the definition has changed dramatically (mostly due to the fact that I developed independent thought someplace along the way), that’s exactly what happened.

I’m 27 and finally, along with a person who instead of attempting to reign in dreams takes strategic steps to reach them, am living the life I want. While it changes constantly, it moves in precisely the direction we choose because we stop at nothing to make it so, no matter if it takes a while to make our way.

Along the way, I’ve realized a couple of things. Some are practical pieces of advice and no-nonsense while others speak to emotions. I’m using this as a gathering place for my thoughts and a means by which to keep myself accountable. Some are words I wish I’d heard back when I was a teen and others are words I’m hoping I can live by now.

  1. Practice gratitude, not guilt. 
  2. Live well beneath your means and save and invest as early as possible. Learn and the words IRA, Roth IRA, and 401K long before you apply for your first credit card
  3. Forget what you’ve learned about the golden tickets to happiness being tangible…that’s simply not true.
  4. Make travel a priority.
  5. Don’t try to prepare yourself for or control the reactions of others |Do be honest, direct, and forward no matter what.
  6. Choose to be different and LOVE YOURSELF  because of, not despite your uniqueness-your soul, your brain, your body…respect and cherish the hell out of it all.
  7. Allow yourself the privilege of creating your own version of happily ever after.”
  8. Do whatever you can to be perpetually excited about your life.
  9. Acknowledge then promptly ignore unsolicited advice.
  10. Respect the choices and opinions of others, even if they don’t jibe with your own.
  11. But realize only opinion of your life that matters is your own.

*Bold signifies my personal goals for  this year. More to come.

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