savoring the city

While sometimes you’ll find me cursing the very city that I brag about constantly, it really is incredible. Any curiosity or opportunity you’re seeking out is there, save nature of course .And it’s when you take advantage of these opportunities that you wonder just exactly what you’ve been doing the past five years that you haven’t experienced any of it.

I met up with one of my co-teachers of my ESL class on Tuesday night and we got along instantly.  Having worked with the program before, whether she realizes it or not, she put my mind at ease and got me really excited about working together and finding the strategies that best jibe with our students’ needs.

I spent all day Wednesday on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus on the other side of town. In the morning i had my first legitimate (to me, anyway) lecture experience in years. A professor from harvard gave a guest lecture on linguistics, hip-hop and “the compliment as a social strategy”. It was so interesting to learn about a subject that i’ve never really considered and just enjoy the the experience without any expectations of it or myself for that matter. At lunch, the lecturer ended up sitting next to me and the last 20 minutes consisted of a balance of me picking her brain about her early experiences, talking about our shared love of food and her passing along valuable insight on interactions with other people, our differences and being kind to yourself as you navigate both and inevitably make mistakes. she is a really incredible person and it was a very special day. That and I really, really enjoy learning.

Thursday brought a change of pace when after 3 years and 9 Emmy awards, we finally got to see the Book of Mormon. I loved it!! It was so damn creative and absolutely hysterical- I was grinning, laughing and clapping like a fool the entire time and I’m proud to admit it. I couldn’t help repeating the lines and singing the catchy tunes the entire walk home as well as this morning. Do yourself a favor and go see it before it leaves town on September 14. But do a little research first, it’s undoubtedly not for everyone. a little taste…

Tickets here
Forrest Theater until September 14

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