living in a small space

Marina van Goor's apartment in Amsterdam / photo by Jordi Huisman

Source (not our house)

you live here together?!
yes, we really like each other.

five years ago i was resistant to this small space that i since fell in love with. walking through the bare house, it felt smaller than it ever has since and i can speak freely now about the doubt i had over being able to live a peaceful existence here.

it took a good three years of living in a small space for our attitudes to permanently change towards it. i say it’s a combination of realizing that a small space is actually preferable, in combination with the surge in popularity of  “tiny homes”in major cities around the world, despite the preferences of most people we know.

small space living is not for everyone but it’s certainly for us. the simplicity of it all, as well as lessening the burden on our environment and our wallets, is something to warrant contentment. life is a little bit more organized and a bit less crowded. i joke that we can never lose anything in our house. small-space living may have forced us into (relative) minimalism, but now we exist here voluntarily.

truthfully, if you’re living in <200sqft/person, you cannot have a lot of things and need to be a bit creative with space. my attitude surrounding this went from resentment to appreciation over the course of a couple of years and i couldn’t be more thankful.

over the next bit of time, i hope to expand on the tips below-despite the fact that they’re pretty darn self-explanatory

a few tips:

clothes and gifts
-conduct seasonal “great purges” of clothes and all other items until stripped down to the essentials (we’re about due)
-simplify your wardrobe to include mostly neutrals and accessories to include only those you love and the serve a unique purpose
-make the transition to consumable gifts

books and cookware
-say “no” to gadgets and embrace cooking essentials (bonus: they’re beautiful when left out on your stove)
-re-purpose everything
-use the library like a bookstore

-exist in the outdoors
-resist the urge to collect (this includes shoes)
-lose the television*

+don’t let the opinions of others phase you**


*no cable negates the purpose of a big ‘ol couch in front of it. done.

freeing yourself from judgement


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