on being an aspiring minimalist

Bare bedroom

we do not own a couch. we had to dispose of it and never replaced it. we have precisely 4 chairs, 2 of which remain in the kitchen and two upstairs in the central living space.

we’ve purged our closets and humble house more times than I can remember by now, but still there’s more. that’s likely due to the fact that there’s a substantial amount of guilt associating with ridding yourself of excess goods- the environmental impact (yes, thrift stores have way. too. much. Remember this book?) and the intentions of a gift or even the money spent on something that was worn but once. or of course the dreaded fear of getting rid of something that you may one day need. as a result of so much purging, buying something-clothes, decor, gifts for one another- comes with a whole lot of thought.

my kitchen contains more belongings than the rest of the house combined. but even still, i don’t do gadgets. i use almost everything i have at least once per week and several multiple times per day. my baking gear is all that remains of my days of culinary excess , but they’re excused for the time being.

as many are increasing  their square-footage, we’re falling further in love with the comfort of our barely 500 square foot abode.

we’ve never been much for gifts or collections, but our partial extremism started when we stumbled upon The Minimalists.  the central premise is we will be happier, healthier and sure as heck wealthier,  if we live with less. oh, and less things equals more time.  i liked the idea of this, i liked the idea of this very much. in fact, we both did (him first). from there, we were able to take the central lessons and adapt them to create a minimalist lifestyle that worked for us.

the goal is to live as simply, honestly and intentionally as possible. excess consumerism? detracts from this goal. don’t get me wrong, i love beautiful things… just much, much less of them.i think about traveling-all I have is a carry-on suitcase and day bag, and with limited but intentional items the stress of choice is all but dissipated.

we’re aspiring minimalists because we’re still on the journey. By paring down our things, and making new purchases with great intention, we’re on the path to peaceful place. you see to us, downsizing leads to more freedom and we sure do like freedom.

packing a carry-on
for the person who has everything

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