It’s easy to take for granted the beautiful towns of your home state.  It’s likely instead that I put on a pedestal those faraway places that, if I’m lucky, I visit once or twice a year. Saturday I traveled to Princeton, my favorite town in New Jersey. It’s centered around the famous university, of course, and it just has a feel to it, you know.

I escaped our home-under-repair the forty-five minutes or so to Princeton for my dear friend Jackie’s bridal shower. Once off the interstate I traveled a windy back road past farms and the battlefields to arrive in the center of town.

I parked my car and set out to wander campus and make believe I belonged. There wasn’t a soul around save a couple with a young child snapping photos. I landed smack dab in the middle of campus and watched as a crew took down a grand tent from an event the night before.

A bit before eleven I returned to the Nassau Club for my friend’s shower. It was a masterpiece, I have to say, complete with facinators at each table, mimosas and a buffet including crab encrusted salmon and an eggs benedict bar. I mean, really to the last bit.

After, I headed home to check on the status of our projects and soak up the longest day of the year, but I wish I’d stayed. There are shops and restaurants and a lot of intellectuals waiting for their brains to be picked.





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