another note on marriage

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I find myself wondering about marriage. What makes it work and what changes minds? Obviously every twenty-something approaches marriage with the idea that they will be with that person for the rest of their lives, don’t they? How does one cultivate a true marriage?

Sometimes I think mature women much more experienced than us must laugh at our optimism. I laugh at my own optimism when it peaks out from my cloud-cover of realism! But I believe that our life on this Earth is too short to be a cynic.

We are fully dedicated to creating a happy, fulfilling marriage and life together. At the present moment I’m pondering communication, realistic expectations and, of course, love as critical components. I want to explore the first one first.

Two women I know have done pre-marital counseling (both through their churches) and had powerful takeaways from both. One learned of tangible love and the other, the different ways in which we feel loved.

We aren’t religious but I think any couple can benefit from exploring questions like this so I decided to buy a book and do a little self-study. I joked with another “bride-to-be” that we can start a group and cover lessons over BBQs at her house… I was only sort of kidding.

So far,  two friends with impending nuptials have purchased it and I have high hopes. If nothing else, it will condition lines of communication and might make us think about things we didn’t before.

I’m told there are workbooks but I want to see the book first before going overboard and purchasing books and recommending to you all.
I’m hopeful!

If you’ve gone to religious or non counseling sessions pre-wedding, what are your thoughts? Any takeaways to share?
If you’ve been married for a bit and have anything to add, please do…us babes would love to hear it.

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