Ten Rules for Weddings and Food and Things

The whole we’re getting married thing is setting in. It’s really happening, after a very full six years, and that is just the best, if you ask me.

I’ve learned a few things over the last month that I’d like to share (for you to take or leave). Because really, there’s nothing like a major life change to challenge all of your beliefs. There’s also nothing like a major life change to reaffirm your beliefs in your relationship with your partner and yourself.

1- It’s not your day. I repeat, no matter what they say, it’s not your day. It’s you and your spouse’s. Remember and respect that fact with every decision that you make and you’ll be golden. 

2- Be open and honest with everyone in your life from the get-go.

3- Don’t pressure yourself to be the bride your childhood self imagined you’d be. You’re all grown up now (sort of) and what’s truly important has changed drastically. 

4- Quit being so damn practical for a second and let yourself dream a little! You’ll be amazed at the ideas you come up with and there is nothing sweeter than the both of you being overwhelmingly excited about your marriage and the celebrations that follow.

5- Dinnertime is also a sacred institution, so find a way to make it happen as often as possible. All good decisions are made on a full stomach.

6- Have a meal in your repertoire that solicits a Yes! You made ______! response when a certain someone walks through the door. My current one is this.

7- Celebrate often and never underestimate how excited, supportive and genuinely happy your friends will be when you’re happy.

8- Embrace minimalism and practice it for there is nothing that robs you quicker of your freedom than stuff (and the financial burden that comes along with it).

9- Make up your mind to travel somewhere new every single year and follow through.

10- Have one cashmere cardigan in a neutral color that can take you from the Upper East Side to your fiance’s favorite dive.

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