Long Weekend in New York

West Village, NYC. Lovely


Because the engagement celebrations should never, ever stop, we are packing our bags and heading to the big city Friday morning for a long weekend. I am so excited! We’re staying in the sweetest guesthouse and  have dinner reservations here and are meeting my college roommate and L’s friends from home here!

Our guesthouse has communal kitchens so I’m hoping we can grab a few ingredients for simple but hearty hot breakfasts before we hit the town. Have you stayed at a place like this before? It’s the most convenient thing in the world and such a relief for your wallet in a city like New York (or Paris!).

I made a little itinerary since New York is a beautiful beast and a little organization is never a bad thing. Google maps is a godsend for this purpose-tentative organizing without going overboard…so is Afar‘s Wanderlist function. I added a bunch of restaurants and shops and general sites of interest so we can take a quick look in the morning and make a tentative plan for our day. I’ll share with you when we return if you’d like!

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