2013 was a Very Good Year

This photo is a rare snapshot, the highest high of 2013.  There is so much you don’t see or feel but I do. I see in this photo a woman so purely happy that nothing else matters. Behind her, the mountains of the largest island in the Cyclades, the very ones they’ll wind through on a European scooter. Behind the camera is the love of her life who is laughing heartily as she strikes a pose not typical of a typically serious woman. And behind him, the pure white church so typical of this country.

I had a very rich year. A year that took us across the globe and led me to understand myself just a little bit more which is really all I resolved to do anyway.

I allowed myself to relax this year and not act impulsively to fix everything right away, all the time, which found me in a state of limbo sometimes but pushed me to appreciate the simple things I love during most times. I cooked (a  lot), I traveled, I loved and  let myself develop and be. I stopped trying to be what I thought my little world wanted. I spoke up and stopped trying to undervalue my talents. Maybe this was my version of a mini-quarter life crisis. In that case, good.

Recipe: Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Ravioli

More than anything, I found strength and conquered the fear of never being or having enough.  Wow. This changed the way I look at myself, make decisions, spend money, nurture relationships and ultimately live my life and I don’t know how it happened but I’m so damn glad it did. I’m not going to act like I’m some expert and write you a step by step guide to finding contentment in your life. No one is qualified to do that.  My takeaway, my advice? You need to struggle. You need to struggle a lot and that means a lot of different things to different people and that’s why there’s no cut and paste guide.

There are two times I find myself thinking impossibly clearly…while traveling (post- jet lag) and writing. So let’s just say in 2014 I resolve to do more of both.  Happy New Year to you all! I’m so grateful for you xx

2 thoughts on “2013 was a Very Good Year

  1. Love this post.I have chills reading it as so much of it resonates with my own feelings/fears/struggles. Happy 2014, Lisa! I admire your spirit!


    1. @Ali What a sweet thing to say, thank you! Kindred spirits, eh? 🙂
      I find it comforting to know others feel similar and face comparable challenges (and speak up about it!)…it helps us realize we’re not alone after all in this big ‘ol world.

      Happy 2014 to you!Thank you for your openness and kindness xo


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