Christmas in Paris Itinerary

Christmas in Paris is the stuff of dreams. There is quite simply nothing like it and the thought of it gets me so excited and nostalgic that really I wish my friend could take me too. There is so much to experience, to love, to savor, it’s really rather hard to put it all into one day. But let’s give it a shot, yes? My take on a perfect day itinerary for one of the most special women in my life who deserves all the joy in the world and we’ll start with Paris at Christmastime.



-Leisurely wake-up (you’re on holiday!) and find your way to Rue Cler (near for a Pain aux Amande. Walk this perfect pedestrian-only market street and step into the chocolate shops to grab treats for later. Settle in at a cafe for a strong cup of coffee. You have a full day ahead!


-Around the corner you’ll see the most famous Paris icon, the Tour Eiffel! Journey over to it and purchase tickets to walk to the 2nd floor. But first, you must ice-skate on the first floor, free of charge (a rarity here!). Find your way to the rental booth and exchange your shoes for skates and you’re off!


Take a leisurely walk across the Seine, taking a peek at the houseboats and being sure to look back at the beautiful view of the tower, and find yourself at the Arc de Triomphe to take in the magnificent views. Once at the Arc de Triomphe, don’t change out of your walking shoes just yet because we’re headed to the top for the best views of the city.


Walk down the ChampsÉlysées, the avenue in Paris and settle into one of it’s posh lunch establishments. It’s Christmas, after all!

Lunch, your biggest decision of the day thus far! You’re a temporary Parisian so take your time and have a glass of wine (or 3) before going to…

The Louvre at last! You’ll visit again during your stay so just focus on a couple of rooms and taking in the magnificence of the building itself. Take your time and warm up, before heading back to St Germain des Pres.


Cross the Seine again at the Ile de la Cite and take in the beautiful Notre Dame, decorated in it’s Christmas best.

Pierre Herme

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Pierre Hermé so you must stop in before it closes at 72 Rue Bonaparte to get a box of the best macaron you’ll ever have.



Once back in St. Germain, take your pick of any of the “happy hour” specials on offer, usually to as late as 9. There are perfect little spots outside with heat lamps or of course you could head over to the famous Cafe Flore for a little something to tide you over.

Le Comptoir

For dinner, try Le Comptoir du Relais at 9 Carrefour de l’Odéon. They have an incredible Salad Niçoise that you just have to try.

On your way home, if you still have room, stop at a crepe cart for Nutella filled perfection and fall into bed dreaming of what tomorrow in Paris may bring.

Bonus Days:


Take a trip to Versailles


Take a course at Le Cordon Bleu

Winter picnic at the Luxemburg Gardens

Visit the Orsay Museum and re-visit the Louvre

And for your reference (and amusement), all my Paris posts:



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