Managing Travel Anxiety and a Peek in My Suitcase


I can’t believe we leave tomorrow. I am without words to describe how excited I am for this trip. When I tell folks where we are going a good amount respond with that’s one place that’s on my list. I tell them it’s always been on mine, too. I’m thrilled to the degree that I just returned to my desk from standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror and stomping my feet quickly in place as I squealed out loud…that kind of excitement.

This is the feeling though that comes after the anxiety. The predictable feeling a week before the trip…I know it’s the one when it rears its ugly head in the form of my wishing it was over or thinking of reasons to cancel. I researched it, of course, and because we’re all really not that different from one another it’s really pretty common.

The thing of it is, I’ve found you just need to give yourself time…time to get yourself organized, over-plan to a fault, and swallow the anxiety, transitioning to excitement. It’s a subtle difference in feeling, really, but you know when it happens. So does, of course, your travel companion since not a moment in their presence goes by without a I’m so excited for our trip, are you excited?!?! We’re going to have the best time variation.

So if you’re suffering from travel anxiety make yourself a cup of tea, turn on a movie and remove yourself from the planning and packing. When you find the need to get back to it, grab a guidebook or open the link of a Flickr account that hosts better photos of where you’re going than you’ll ever take, and shove the excitement down your throat because guess what? YOU’RE GOING! And this life is a beautiful place you’re about to see and experience even more.


We leave for New Jersey right after work tonight, staying over Luke’s parents’ house to depart from Newark International on Saturday. So bags are packed, one carry-on for each of us plus a tote bag for camera and food, and we’re ready for take-off. After losing my luggage in France for a few days, I will never check again on international trips unless absolutely necessary (i.e.: food for friends, sporting equipment, you get the idea).


For those of you who are curious about the clothes situation:

Wearing on the plane (always your “bulkiest” outfit…I have to mention, on my first trip abroad I wore a long sleeved shirt, sweater, and 2 jackets to save space…I’ve gotten better at packing since then!) : Long black halter-style dress, Chambray shirt, Superga sneakers

 In the carry-on:

-4 tank tops

-1 long sleeved shirt

-2 sweaters (one pull over, one cardigan)

-1 long skirt

-1 pair leggings

-1 pair linen pants

-1 pair of shorts

-5 underwear, 4 socks

-1 bathing suit

-1 silk scarf

-1 cotton scarf

-1 pair sandals

In the tote:

-1 Pestemal (Turkish towel-very light and quick drying… multipurpose as wrap on the plane, protection for the camera, and beach towel once on the islands)

Sure, I have those that would be nice to wear items but to be honest with you, the thought of lugging multiple bags up hundreds of steps after a 6 hour boat trip convince me otherwise.

I consider the ability to pack light one of my greatest skills…that and I make a killer steak…more on that when I return.

So since my brain is scattered and I have all I can do to finish out the rest of the workday, I’ll end there.

More soon. See you in Greece!

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