i am free

Today is a short day before a long weekend and I’m very pleased. A short day at work and I’m tending to personal matters such as reciting Greek phrases under my breath and scouring the internet for books (and sunglasses) I deem appropriate for our trip (in 4 measly weeks!). I’m reeling with thoughts of what there’s left to do but really, is there all that much? I have a loose itinerary I’ll share later, mostly covering the  location we’ll be in and specific neighborhood or villages we’ll cover that day.  I want to narrow down food recommendations (including markets for our self-catering spots on the islands) and look over the maps a bit more. But beyond that, I’d like to say we’re golden. As for the books, I’ve narrowed it down to two…Zorba the Greek ( most likely read pre-Greece/on the plane ride) and Dining with Al-Qaeda. A line from the former drew me in…

“I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

I am all for adopting this as my mantra. I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free. My interpretation, Just live, man. Quit lamenting over each and every choice and decision for fear it won’t work out the way you want it to or you’ll see that familiar face regret. The hope part is a tricky one to toss around in this little head of mine but here I go…don’t follow hope blindly. Face the world with optimism after considering the parts of a whole. It makes sense to me… I’ll work on explaining what I mean.

This weekend I tossed a few shirts, a pair of shorts and a toothbrush into my trusty Longchamp and am hitting the road to my hometown in North Jersey.  Friends know I’m not exaggerating, I pack light (and keep a bathing suit in my trunk). Of important note, I’m babysitting my sweeter than anything nephew. I’ve been spending the last day searching the internet: “age appropriate activities + 7 months”… “what to do with a 7 month old”…So, if you have tips, leave ’em below.


Enjoy the weekend, friends

2 thoughts on “i am free

  1. How exciting, I love pre-trip preparations!! We traveled with an 8 month old and it was perfect, at that age they’re happy to just go anywhere the parents want to go!


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