Penn Museum

Each morning this weekend I woke up first and tip-toed through the humid house and took my place at the table. I poured a bowl of cereal and milk and ate fresh blueberries by the handful. I enjoyed my few hours alone, reading guidebooks and watching a bit of television online…it felt like a childhood summer morning as I lounged about, no work to do or obligation to hurry off to. it’s summer.

we spent the weekend as we have been lately, lounging about and heading out for a meal or two. sunday we set out for perhaps the most incredible museum experience in Philadelphia… Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

We felt like children as we walked into the museum at about an hour after opening and it was completely empty.The Egypt collection is sprawling and the rest of the museum includes highlights from Africa, the Middle East, Rome and Greece to name a few.

Truth be told, we both favor archaeological sites and museums over art. There it is. Which I appreciate the incredible art I’ve seen in Philadelphia and abroad, it’s the ruins and artifacts that get me going (remember Pompeii?). I was amazed at the size and quality of the exhibits here. It reminded me of a few that I’ve visited in Europe minus the shoulder to shoulder crowds and noise. Instead, we were able to breeze from exhibit to exhibit and really enjoy each one.

We left this other world only to be welcomed into the pouring rain. What was there to do but  embrace true summer spirit set out, letting the rain soak us through and laughing at how ridiculous we must have looked. We joked that it was oh so romantic and what’s that, it’s really letting up, huh? before making it to a BBQ spot several blocks north.



Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday 10-5

Wednesday 10-8

Closed Monday

Cost: $15 general admission, less for children, students, and 65+

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