i'm happiest


Life lately has been beautiful in so many ways and focused on the people in my life who make it so. It was that balance that made me feel so alive and like I am doing something right for now. I realized more so that the things that are important, those I prioritize and encourage, may not mimic the items of others…and this is refreshing, and absolutely more than OK. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and changing accordingly, when you know what? Staying true to ourselves makes us pretty damn interesting and happy to be us.

I’m happiest when I feel fulfilled in my relationships with myself, others, and the community. This weekend allowed for just that.

It started with my friend, E, including me in an incredible mother-daughter book club program she created for her students and their mothers. I assisted her as much as I could, the program being led entirely in Spanish, and honestly was just so happy to be there and witness the community she was able to build in little over an hour.

I arrived home in the early afternoon to gather together some snacks and drinks for our friends from out of town. We soaked up as much sun as the sky was going to give as we caught up and they excitedly talked about their upcoming wedding and their new house. Rain fell as we walked to a neighborhood restaurant and squeezed into a table into the corner, poured some wine and indulged in amazing Mediterranean food.

The Sunday morning farmer’s market was so alive this week. We have finally found farm we love that we buy our beef, eggs and butter from. This week we splurged on incredible, “sushi-grade” salmon…what should I make?

After, we packed up the car and headed southwest to Swarthmore. Oh, what as refreshing sight this place is. We wandered around town, adoring the tree lined streets, ended up back at the campus and stumbling upon this spot


If you, fellow Philadelphia residents, haven’t visited this little town, you must. The town is a short 25 minutes from the city and is such a respite.

And that was it…that and a big dinner of leftover odds and ends and wine while watching a movie at home. And time to allow myself to think and not chase away my thoughts and budding dreams.

It was simple… but so wonderful.

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