Breckenridge, CO: Culture

We arrived late afternoon, a very mild day, in Colorado. I skipped through the airport, grabbing magazines filled with sites and tales of history… I’ve never been here before and its differences from the East Coast are obvious and welcomed truthfully.

We board our shuttle to the mountains and after a quick couple hours of staring at the GPS stating our rapid climb in elevation and casual conversation with our genuine driver, we arrive.

Our B&B, The Fireside, is just what I imagined-a warm, glowing space seen from the bottom of the hill. My name is taped to the front door along with instructions how to get our room key. We wander through, selecting our breakfast options on the clipboard hanging from the door, and up the winding stairs into our tiny room.

The next morning we wake up extra early- me after a pretty restless night, and  venture to a coffee shop nearby. I quickly realize that this place is just what I was looking for- slow paced and  filled with friendly faces who appreciate giving and receiving kindness.

As you can imagine, the local population is passionate about the outdoors, winter sports in our case. Walk around and you’ll see everyone, bartenders, shop-owners, baristas, and more, sporting the infamous “goggle tan”, eager to talk about the conditions and best local excursions.

Our routine consists of a little something like:

  • Wake up, eat a huge breakfast, and layer up for the day ahead
  • Walk to the gondola and hop on and ride it to Peak 8 base or take the bus to Peak 9
  • By 9:30 or so we’re on the slopes, usually separate, basking in the conditions and sheer wonder of the world around us
  • We met up again around 1:00pm or so, after the lunch rush. Pulling out our sandwiches we picked up that morning, we dined in the lodge, caught up on the day, and made loose plans for the remaining open hours.
  • After a couple more hours of skiing, we return to the B&B. We don’t lay down because that will mean a much tougher rising to get out for après ski hours.
  • We quickly get ready and wander downstairs for afternoon tea sometimes, or if feeling a little frisky, an après spot and indulge on local wines, beer, or spirits made in town.
  • An early dinner followed by a later stroll and we head back to the lodge.

These are our days, ambitious all the while peaceful, complete with movies in bed and that sometimes hard to achieve feeling of contentment.

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