What We Did, Saw, and Ate in New York

This weekend in New York, we had a lot of fun, my sweetie and me. It was a weekend bursting with friends, food and a whole lot of beauty. We arrived on Friday armed with rain attire and as we stepped off the bus the clouds had parted and we began our sightseeing adventure. We packed quite a bit in the afternoon beginning with weaving in and out of the stores and boutiques on Madison and ending with my mind being blown at Eataly. This place was something out of a dream and so, so fun. Rows and rows of Italian specialties and pop-up restaurants all around.   I grabbed a bottle of wine in the vinoteca department and we set out in search of a byob in the West Village, Tartine. We were early so we sat down immediately at a spot that is known for its line outside. I loved this place and the service was top notch. Between the two of us, we had a steak with peppercorn sauce and the spicy chicken dish. Both heart and filling at a reasonable price in my favorite neighborhood in NY.       We ended our evening in Manhattan before heading to Jersey City to stay with L’s pal, with treats from Magnolia bakery. This place was fabulous and homey and exactly what I was craving after miles and miles of walking. The next day was dedicated to a brief introduction to Brooklyn. Despite growing up going to NYC dozens of times, I never visited ‘the other borough’. After a series of turns and fearing I was leading our group in the wrong direction, we landed at the flea market in Fort Greene. It was amazing with beautiful vintage clothes, handmade jewelry and decorative pieces… not to mention aisles of food trucks. We settled into a restaurant a few blocks away and I did some of the best people watching ever. Back in Manhattan, we had our last meal at Ino– a panini spot that is so compact and lovely, we’re already planning our return. It’s on a beautiful street lined with lush trees and dining spots. It’s easy to enter a sort of trance here. We spent the night with friends at a going away celebration of sorts and stayed out much too late for this old lady. But with eyes heavy and hearts full, we ended the evening excited about our return with a new appreciation for an old favorite.

5 thoughts on “What We Did, Saw, and Ate in New York

    1. Oh, so would I! Such amazing people watching you would love it. I scoped out a few restaurants for our return along with the food trucks: Tacos and homemade soda drinks? Don’t mind if I do!


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