Market Day in Gaillac

Market day in Gaillac is a site to be seen and one of my favorite experiences of this trip so far. The people were exceptionally friendly and the offerings seasonal and beautiful.


We arrived and walked into the main square, weaving through the clothing booths lining the streets. Gaillac is a bit busier than I’ve been used to a for the last week and it was a fun change of pace.
Taking a sharp right we arrived in the center of food stalls and trucks. There was a bounty of sellers offering cheese, bread, and produit canard. I loved the cheese vendor who upon being asked parlez vous francais? He responded No, espanol? And we had a lovely exchange in Spanish for the time.

The flowers were plentiful and incredibly beautiful. We gathered a couple of bunches and moved on to the produce stands to grab salad ingredients. I notice in these local markets the process goes a little differently than somewhere like Paris. You take a basket, typically green, and fill it with the items you wish. The vendor weighs it and charges you for that portion. Next up we found the Portuguese chicken stand that sells probably the best chicken I’ve ever had.




With two in tow we headed back to prepare a  simple, beautiful lunch.


The rest of the day was spent taking a dip in the pool and more beautiful walks. I picked figs directly from the tree and indulged in them one by one. I’ve been loving in the simple pleasure of each day and savoring the quiet and calm.




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