I awoke to an almost mystical setting, the morning began with a breakfast of sheep’s milk yogurt, fruit, baguette from the local patisserie and extra coffee.


We spent the whole day outside. The weather was absolutely untouchable and I couldn’t help but absorb as much as possible. We took a long walk on a loop winding through country roads and ending back at the village.



Later I escaped to a marked trail, one of many, which led me down a cleared path extending past lone farmhouses and fields and fields of sunflowers. After a while I turned around and headed back, stopping at plum trees to grab a few and eat them directly off the tree as we had done earlier.



I returned to town and we enjoyed pastis before heading to another home to spend time in the incredible pool on-site. With my hand grazing the top and trying to find the last ray of sun of the day, I gave silent thanks for this perfect moment.


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