Each day I wake up here I appreciate it more and more. The hospitality of my friend and her family, taking me in temporarily and making me feel like all is right in this world.

After three days my suitcase arrived and I don’t know what I would have done without the generosity of these amazing people providing me with everything I needed and more. My God, I’ve never been so happy to see my things. The same outfit for 3 days in a row is no joke.

Yesterday I woke up to deal with the luggage situation and left to enjoy coffee and conversation. I settled into a spot on a stone wall nearby, read my Michelin Guide and wrote a bit. Other guests spotted me and told me we were headed to Albi, a larger town nearby famous for it enormous cathedral.

We drove through the winding roads of the countryside through fields of sunflowers and vineyards an arrived an a bustling town with everything to offer.

We started with the cathedral that is nothing short of majestic yet dark inside. There is a painting in front that can’t be missed as it brings out such emotion.




Seated at a restaurant nearby we ordered lunch and enjoyed each others  company. The presentation of the food was perfect and my fish dish hit the spot. I witnessed my first medium in France does not equate Medium in North America as the steaks came out for the boys and were quite honestly blue on the inside. Sent back and returned in similar fashion, it was chalked up as experience.

My friend and I sneaked off to wander a bit and indulged in a favorite inexpensive store, Eurodif. Our rendezvous point was the Cathedral at 4 so we hurried to a pastry shop that served miniature bites of delicious pastries and headed home.

Once evening came we all met at the bar in town and had a few drinks before a big group dinner. Paris this is not as the drinks are inexpensive and the spot reminds you of your favorite  neighborhood bar. Parlez vous anglais? No.  Authenticity at its finest.

Almost the whole group chose the steak with peppercorn sauce as my friend’s brother suggested and we enjoyed it happily while the wine flowed freely.
Much later we returned back and popped more then a few bottles of champagne and laughed nonstop. Life is beautiful.

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