I feel so overwhelmingly fortunate to be here. It’s like taking a step back in time to a place that has little worry and much love.

I woke up to greet the market that only congregates on Tuesdays. I’d set out en route to my friend’s house first but got completely sidetracked by the sight of this charming event. After buying a kilo of figs I looked up to find my friend who smiled and said I knew I would find you here.




After a cafe au lait and breakfast we piled in the car to arrive in CordessurCiel, a town nearby. Cordes is a fortified town high atop a very steep hill and we earned the views and company we met at the top. Up winding roads, we ventured to find a really charming town loaded with foie gras specialty shops, restaurants and small boutiques. We settled into an outdoor cafe where I sipped a coca cola light from a glass bottle.








Returning back to town, we rested and later I got up to stroll around the perimeter of town. We settled back out the house to have a fabulous group dinner with ingredients we picked up at the morning’s market.

The day was complete with a late night game of bocce ball at which I have to say, I’m not that bad. Perhaps the Italian in me?

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