The South of France

This is a vacation. One of those places you come to ‘vacation from your vacation’.  I don’t feel like I have to be en guard at all times and skeptical of  those who strike up conversation

Life is so slow and lovely here…I keep commenting on how I feel like I should be whispering. The people are friendly and lead a life so far removed from the chaos and modernity of life in the cities nearby.

I was picked up by the airport from my beautiful friend and her heart-warming mother. They waited patiently as I arrived from a 2 hour delay from Philadelphia to Paris (during which time the nightmarish phrase “If there is a physician on-board, please report to row 18 the one right in front of mine, to tend to a man who fell very ill) only to run to my gate and find it too delayed (due to a woman on board deciding at the last minute flying was not going to happen for her and the staff having to fish her luggage out of the cargo area).

Arriving in Toulouse I hurried to the baggage claim a was thrilled the the bags came out before scheduled. As the belt went around and around, I suddenly experienced that sinking feeling… mine was not coming. I was greeted by a smiling face who made me forget my worry and navigated the baggage office with ease. It was promised that the luggage would arrive in the afternoon or next morning. Well, it’s the next morning as I write so let’s hope for the best, yeah?

More later as I’m off to explore, grab a bite to eat, a relax in the immediate comfort of this new place.

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