A Word on Solo Travel

Tomorrow I depart for the first stop of my two-week jaunt. When I return,  I’ll be a week short of 25. There are so many emotions pumping through this “hanging on to 24 as long as possible” body. But, the future holds promise and joy and love and for that I’m thankful and optimistic.

Thoughts of the practical sort are racing–about packing and job seeking, and the spreadsheet that I need to print out with every tidbit of information about my trip to secure on the fridge for my love and in my travel folder, too.

Approaching this trip I am starting to consider whether this may be my last solo adventure or if there is more to come? If solo-travel has played its part in this stage of life and beyond this trip

Travel, especially alone, can be very overwhelming. There are so many pieces that need to fit together ever so snugly in order for it to run smooth. What soothes my soul is knowing I have an incredibly wonderful friend waiting to welcome me to her home for half of my trip and that pushes the nervous tears away and brings the smile on.

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