Escape on a Monday: Kadıköy, Istanbul

Early one morning while staying in Üsküdar, we gathered a small bag of essentials-camera, money, map, guidebook, and snacks- and set out for the more popular of the toured areas of the Asian side-Kadıköy. While our host suggested the bus, we decided it more suitable to walk. The first half of the voyage was spectacular. We walked along the beautiful Bosphorus Strait and stopped occasionally to inhale the sea air and observe the weekday busyness around us. We hit a bit of an obstacle when we ran into the docks lined with rows of shipping materials. So, we we headed up the hill to our left arriving in an area that quite possibly hasn’t seen a tourist face ever. We ran into a market covering the the street filled with the most beautiful produce and products I’ve ever seen. It was a local market suiting the needs of the sturdy elderly women lugging pounds and pounds of produce home. We kept walking until finally meeting up with the main street.

We arrived in Kadıköy to a bounty of beauty and authenticity. The day consisted of sipping my first Turkish coffee, walking down every market street I could find, eating lunch and dinner at Çiya, and admiring antique trinkets. We grabbed desserts at the sweet shop at town center and headed to the jetty where we devoured them gazing at the view of Prince’s Islands.

Our walk home was without a doubt one of the most precious moments of the trip. Our time on the Asian side of Istanbul revitalized us after the chaos frankly of Old Town. We headed “home” among the families and couples and businessmen doing the same.










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