Philadelphia's Chinatown


The city is a hell of a place for a young woman who can’t make a decision.

Beyond the literal gate lies any and all cuisines and opportunities one can imagine.

The remedy of the unknown is exploration and that’s what keeps you and i coming back for more. With every uncomfortable experience there is a thrilling one and its goes on and on as such.

i hurried through the city yesterday along a zig-zagging path seeking refuge from the heartless sun. I crashed into the library taking notice of the beauty of the house that satisfies at least some of the needs of every walk of life in Philadelphia.

I met Luke at work and we forged on to make it to a previously chosen restaurant for which we had a credit. Apparently every other purchaser of that ‘deal’ had the same idea as we (to wait until the day before expiration to redeem). No worm for us, eh? We altered course and walked the block to a familiar spot amongst the unfamiliar.


This restaurant is the stuff  that your childhood Chinese restaurant dreams were made of.There still exists, however, the dishes that only those who are ‘in the know’ can order and any attempt to gesture to replicating that dish at your own table is fruitless. No matter…order what you like, throw in an unfamiliar for size, and don’t forget the steamed dumplings with ginger dressing. Find a seat, relax, and enjoy.

David’s Mai Lai Wah

1001 Race St # 1  Philadelphia, PA 19107


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