As we walked each day, our feet never failing to keep us going, hungry for more, we couldn’t help but notice Istanbul being one of the most picturesque cities in existence.

At every turn I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough, discreet enough, to capture each and every moment. My thought was that if I could capture everything, I’d be able to sustain this feeling for as long as possible.

Following a special evening spent in Beyoğlu, dining at an incredibly humble spot and touring the antique district, we decided to walk home to preserve our memories and our sanity. Public transportation in Istanbul is moderately reliable while exceptionally crowded at all times. We crossed the Galata Bridge eying the last minute fisherman with their lines tossed over the side.

We crossed the bridge happening upon the most beautiful site (despite its public health concerns).
The most iconic meal in Istanbul is the fish sandwich at the Eminönü pier. Dozens of people purchase their sandwich and camp out on the stairs surrounding these special eateries. Men inside are dressed in “traditional” garb slinging fresh fish sandwiches on long rolls for your pleasure.

This evening, the boats glow and invite you in to experience the gritty pleasures that surely make Istanbul, Istanbul.

Eminönü Docks
Metro to Eminönü take underpass to arrive on water side.

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