Morning in Sultanahmet

As my eyes fluttered open and I noticed it was still dark, I didn’t think it possible to be awake after only a few hours of sleep. In the break of silence I suddenly heard it…

(Note: Video taken while picnicking at Topkapi Palace)

Our position very close to the Blue Mosque entitled us to front row seats to the opera each morning. While I’ve read reviews of folks commenting on “sleep disrupted” and “annoyance”, I couldn’t take for granted this luxury. I sort of let myself fall into a trance–then as suddenly as it started it stopped.

A few hours later I awoke, selected my favorite long skirt and crisp white freshly wrinkled shirt, and prepared for a packed day of sightseeing. The night before we where asked 8:00 or 9:00 from our host, Yusef.. As L asked, “What do you think, 9?” I blurted out, “8:00!! We’ll be there.” So at precisely 8:00am we descended the spiral stairs only to stumble on such a beautiful site.


It was friendlier, more welcoming than I remembered  the evening before. Perhaps now because I  was feeling happier, shaking that “First 24 Hour Blues”.


Our host Yusef had laid out a tradition Turkish Breakfast studded with some contemporary items to be sure. Starting with fresh vegetables, olives, and cheeses, continuing to eggs, yogurt and the most delightful accompaniments (which I will share here) and the end, my favorite, the dried fruits- unsulphured apricots and figs.


Each morning of our stay here we looked forward to this basic yet extremely satisfying meal. It’s said that hotels in Turkey are internally rated by the quality of their breakfast and therefore take extreme pride in it. This stood true at our hotel and we couldn’t be happier to have stumbled upon it.

5 thoughts on “Morning in Sultanahmet

  1. Such a beautiful post Lisa! I feel like I just took a big bite of your trip and was taken it with the sounds, your words, the sights, and that gorgeous breakfast spread. My Turkish family always had a giant think of feta, tomatoes and cucumbers on their window sill keeping cool for breakfast. Love your travel posts, your such a beautiful writer and insightful woman. x


    1. i must thank you for being such a constant source of inspiration… especially when it comes to following my passions. xo next trip to paris (together!) i can’t wait to visit your Turkish family


  2. I’m catching up on your travel posts! So exciting.

    It’s sad that some travelers find the call to prayer annoying and disruptful. I’m happy you got a video of it so I could actually hear it…it sounds really beautiful and I can totally see myself zoning out to it.

    And that is some kind of breakfast buffet. Looks delicious.


    1. yes! glad you’re enjoying… I have so much to say! I wanted to get a clip of the first morning prayer but alas, rooting around in my suitcase in the dark was not gonna happen 🙂

      Still dreaming about that buffet!!


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