A Friendship

This weekend reminded me how incredibly precious friendships are. They are vital to well-being and happiness. At several moments during my weekend in Toronto I recognized the beauty of our special, unconventional friendship. While Gill and I had never met before, it most certainly didn’t feel that way. She and her lovely fiance welcomed me into their home and we had the most amazing time. We talked (and talked and talked), laughed, relaxed, sipped ‘our drink’, Kir, and just enjoyed being together.

Oh, and of coursed fabulous meals were shared…

Brunch (see my prep video here)
Brunch for two

Special Dinner:

In the short amount of time I was there, we saw a few highlights of Toronto.

The Farmer’s Market where we purchased local popcorn and fillet mignon for our special weekend and had lots of laughs with the local farmers.

The Distillery District which houses the most adorable coffee shop I’ve seen to date. We stumbled on couples in love taking engagement photos, and those taking the next step and photographing the perfect moments following their wedding.

We went shopping together which was such a treat. I know no better woman with which to shop than Gill. She forced me out of my frugal comfort zone and into one of beauty and self-confidence.

On the last day of our visit we channeled our inner hostesses and prepared a lovely, comfort feast for a few gorgeous women in celebration of Oscar Night.

Kir was poured, candy bars, bean dips, and cruidites set out, and we had a ball watching the awards and discussing everything from food to celebrity gossip.

Bright and early the next morning I boarded the bus back to Philadelphia. It pained me to be leaving so soon. This was the most fun weekend I’d had in quite a while and I didn’t want it to end. But, we both calmed our angst by recognizing the brief amount of time till our next visit, and I set off.

Back in Philadelphia, I was welcomed by my love, and settled back into our life. Following Gill’s lead, March is set to be “Me Month”. We’re challenged to listen to our minds and bodies and strengthen both. Just when I think “my work here is done” the universe reminds me that that is just not so. My goal this month is to strengthen my self confidence, simplify my indulgences, and make exercise fun again. Quite the list for just 29(remaining) days, but I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

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