Day 7, Pt Deux: Da Rosa, Saint Germain

As I sit here in my room, drinking Bordeaux from the bottle (not having a cup never stopped me before) and munching dark chocolate, I can’t help but feel a bit down that tomorrow is my last full day.  Of course I am happy to go home for the holidays and spend them with those I love, but it is so hard to say au revoir to Paris.

At De Rosa

Tonight I headed out in search of ‘a store that shall remain nameless’ to purchase a Christmas gift. After, I strolled around the Saint Germain Area, dubbed one of my favorites in Paris, and popped into shops here and there. You would never believe it was a Monday! The streets, shops, and restaurants are filled with Patrons seeking last minute gifts and a satisfying meal.

I laughed when my friend, Marie (whom I met on the plane), said, “In Paris, it is all about food. That is all we talk about. What we’re eating now, what we wish we were eating, when we’re going to eat again, what we will cook…”  It sounds like I’m right at home.

This evening, yearning for a change of pace from French cuisine, I dined at the wonderful De Rosa.







Let me say, that this is the restaurant at which I would love to spend date night or a night out with friends. I will return to Paris and I will introduce others to this fabulous place.


It has an amazing, comfortable ambiance while maintaining its special qualities. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant/epicerie that specializes in cured hams from Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. They have an amazing wine collection as well as a wide variety of dishes for those that don’t find the huge leg of _____ in the window appetizing.



I started with an order of olives (1,50) and they were fabulously fresh and a great start. Next, I had a ham from Portugal (11,00) served with a basket of crusty bread and a beautiful yet simple salad.

This meal was perfect. I loved the mild spiciness of the ham and the great balance when pairing it with the salad.

Perhaps Spain or Portugal will be my next adventure?

Bonsoir, mon amis.

4 thoughts on “Day 7, Pt Deux: Da Rosa, Saint Germain

  1. Hi, Lisa ~

    Hope you are enjoying your last day in paris. Was it Becky you were supposed to meet up with at the Eiffiel Tower? I was wondering if you met up with her today or not, since Becky has been sick. Your Christmas meal sounds wonderful and am so glad you included a Le Cordon Bleu dish….I am sure everything will be a hit!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!




    1. Tanya, It was Becky! It’s so difficult nowadays without a cell phone! She had emailed me but I didn’t receive it since I left already. Thank you so much for the compliment, I certainly hope for an enjoyable celebration. Merry Christmas to you, too!


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