Day 6: The Chateau and Town of Versailles

I woke up to steadily falling snow outside of my window. I packed my day bag, grabbed the rest of my pastries, and headed down to the breakfast room. I tried to explain to the woman working in the kitchen that I wanted to leave them for others to eat. I don’t know if she got it.

I enjoyed a cup of tea I brought from home and set out for Versailles.

The snow worsened as we approached the town. Finally, Versailles Rive Gauche stop, and I almost ran out of the train to get to my destination.


The snow was rather heavy now. I trudged through it to get to the entrance, swarmed with tourists. Once inside, the Chataeu itself was breathtaking. Incredibly ornate and very true to its past. I enjoyed sitting in the corner of each room and daydreaming about its history (easier in the less visited areas).


Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1


Hall of Mirrors

I was discouraged when I ventured to see Marie Antoinette’s domaine, only to find that it was closed due to the weather. Merde. So, I popped my umbrella, and trudged on to the town of Versailles.

Streets of Versailles

If you ever visit the Palace of Versailles, you must MUST go to the town. Once inside, you see how quaint and traditional it is. The bells to the church were ringing as I scampered along trying to find a good cafe. No shortage of brasseries or places to drink, but sit down eateries were a little difficult to come by.


Finally I found this gem, Au Petite Marquis. Oh, mon dieu, what a meal! I ordered a glass of Bordeaux and waited patiently for my Confit au Canard. Now, of course I’ve enjoyed duck confit in the States but here, it is an entirely different experience. A large piece of duck covering a terrine of potatoes, garlic cloves, two plum tomatoes all bathing in the most delicious sauce imaginable was served. I cleaned the plate with the last piece of bread and left Le Petite Marquis with a very full and happy stomach.
Confit au Marget

After, I followed the crowds to a huge open air market in the town center. I picked up a few things and enjoyed taking it all in. I’ve dreamed of going to a French markets ever since I started cooking. They do not disappoint. Every vendor is so passionate about their product and it’s up to you to decide who is worthy of your business.

Cool, huh?

Before leaving, I found an amazing department store at which I did a little bit of shopping (its an addition, here). The snow turned to rain and I braved the 5+ inch puddles of slush and dirt to the train station, boarded the RER C and returned to a very wet Paris.

My last full days are drawing near and my plans are pretty open… I still want to climb the Eiffel Tower and visit the Louvre one more time before parting ways with my fair city. And let’s not forget about souvenirs!

Au revoir!

3 thoughts on “Day 6: The Chateau and Town of Versailles

    1. Thank you so much, S. I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates. It’s absolutely amazing here, I almost don’t want to leave. I’ll definitely check out that bar and hopefully get a chance to stop in. Good luck with your holiday preparations 🙂


  1. Versailles was like that when I visited, I was also disappointed in not being able to go to Marie Antoinette’s quarters! That duck looks phenomenal, I love eating duck in France.

    Great video too! Keep em comin!



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