Day 3 Part Deux

Before I retire for the evening, I feel compelled to share with you a few wonderful places I discovered or was introduced to this evening.

As I mentioned, I had a plan to meet up with a new friend at 8:00 for dinner. So, I decided to set out in search of a vintage shop that had been suggested to me. After walking in circles a few times, I found it. On Res 4 Vents, Au Gre du Vent. A perfect shop with tons of top designers such as Dior, Hermes, Yves St. Laurent and more. It was closing moments after I got there so I decided to take down the hours and head back another day. There is a cashmere scarf calling my name.

On my way back, I stumbled upon an adorable shop dedicated to colorful, fun flatware and serving utensils. Sabre is located on the same street right off of Rue de Conde.

I had a few minutes to spare before meeting with my new friend, Marie, so I took a chance on an incredibly crowded brasserie offering “happy hours”. Cafe Relais Odeon is located on the messy corner of Rue Saint Germain and Rue de l’Ancienne Comedie. Life doesn’t get much better than sipping champagne and  munching complimentary snack mix while being surrounded by well dressed Parisians. May I suggest that if you can take the second hand smoke, elect to sit outside. In winter, they close the patio area up by using plastic coverings (so not to hinder your people watching) and placing powerful heat lamps over you. An amazing experience for the low, low price of 5E (1/2 price cocktails and champagne).

Finally, I met up with my new friend at La Sorbonne university only to walk to a restaurant close by that she used to frequent when she lived in Paris.  La Petite Perigourdine is a causal restaurant located on Rue Ecoles.

What a fun dinner we had! Chatting about everything and comparing American and French customs and priorities (she moved to the US a few years back).  She suggested I order the same thing she was having, so who was i to object?  We both had the Veal with Eggplant( topped with a combination of Fois Gras and  bacon). Absolutely delicious (paired with bread during my meal, of course.
For dessert, I tried the caramelized plums with vanilla ice cream.The waiter came out with a copper sauce pan and ladled the plums over the ice cream…incredible but very,very rich.

Another fabulous day in Paris.  Now to bed for tomorrow, Le Cordon Bleu!

Check out this post for this morning’s events!

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