Day 3: A Little Bit of This and That

There is nothing quite like early morning in Paris. I started my day by strolling down Rue Mouffatard, watching as patisseries and fromageries set up shop. The market was busstling to get ready for the day. I was standing on corner, munching a perfect pain au chocolat from a boulangerie at 123 Moufettard, bits of pastry falling in my hair, my head reeling with ideas for the day.


I started out with a visit to the Louvre. It is magnificent and definitely warrants more than one trip. I turned a corner and there was the Mona Lisa. Lacking tourists, I snapped a couple photos and was on my way. What I enjoyed most were the rooms that didn’t contain ‘big name’ pieces. I was able to sit in each room, relax and enjoy the experience.



Next, a stroll around the Louvre/ Halles area where I picked up a  piece of fresh goat’s cheese, an olive roll (that I proceeded to drop on the ground) and dates and eat while I walked to my next destination.

I enjoyed the market street of Rue Montergeuil as well as a few fun shops along the way. G.Detou, a small specialty food store, was one of the highlights. I picked up a bag of fleur de sel and a small gift for my virtual tour guide who helped me so much  in planning this trip. I stopped in second hand shops, complete with 15 euro Longchamp bags (still kicking myself for not buying it!) and got a wonderful taste of this area.

Next, I hopped the Metro to the Arc de Triumph. I can’t even begin  to describe the feeling I got when I reached  the top. The view was absolutely magnificent.





And in case that wasn’t enough…



Don’t make fun! Actually, go ahead, it’s hilarious. And better yet, imagine the Parisians looking at me as I did this.


I made my way back to the Quartier Latin only to enjoy a vin chaude (hot wine) and a walk through one of the Christmas markets. What a wonderful moment.


Tonight, I head out to dinner with a woman, Marie, whom I met on the plane to Paris. She has a restaurant in mind so I’ll be meeting her at a cafe at 8pm then going to the restaurant.

And tomorrow, my first class (well  in this case, demo) at Le Cordon Bleu! I can’t even explain how excited I am!

A bientot!

4 thoughts on “Day 3: A Little Bit of This and That

    1. You are so sweet, thank you.

      My trip wouldn’t be this amazing if not for all of your help! Be on the look out for a special ‘thank you’ package in the near future 🙂


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