Paris Day 2: Sites and Strolls

How do I begin to put into words the experiences of a day so magical, I don’t think it possible to match it? I am young, in love, and in Paris. Can it get any better?

The day started with a perfect stroll through the Latin Quarter and St. Germain, and a visit to Poulaine bakery for breakfast… a perfect tarte aux pommes.



Then, a return to Notre Dame and an opportunity to climb the towers and see all of Paris unfolded in front of me.


A stroll through Les Marais district following the advice of an expert to find specific shops while letting myself get lost in the moment and discover.

I satisfied my hunger with a giant falafel from L’as du Falafel in Les Marais. I was seated next to two gorgeous French women, each impecably dressed and eating their falafel with a fork and knife…I stuffed my face with this incredible sandwich stuffed with grilled eggplant, vinegar based slaw, falafel, and topped with a few deliciously simple sauces.



I spent the afternoon giving myself a much needed break from sightseeing. I learned that there is no such thing as time wasted, only time best spent. And I knew that trying to get to a museum before closing was not the best use of time.

I ate at he famous Cafe du Flore, frequented by Hemingway and other expats of the time. I sipped a Kir, munched on baguette with my salad verte, and reflected and wrote in my journal. The time to rest and reflect without being bothered was worth the price tag.



Laduree just appeared out of nowhere so I thought, “this is a sign. I must get a macaron.” That, or I was still hungry after walking an unidentifiable number of miles today. I chose Chocolat- Madagascar and it was simply delicious… not that pretty, but delicious. I must try Pierre Herme before I make my decision about the ‘best macaron in paris’.


Before retiring for the evening, I hopped the metro once more to find Bon Marche- yet another beautiful department store and site of envy as every woman there is wearing a fur and looks like a retired supermodel.


Till tomorrow, my friends. The Louvre, Arc di Triomph and dinner with a wonderful woman I met on the plane await me.

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