Paris Day 1: Happily Lost

Well everyone, I made it in one piece! After a long flight (with the person in front of me reclining fully) and an extra long train ride (delays due to rush hour) I arrived in Paris ready to take the city by storm. I broke my one cardinal rule today: Don’t try to do too much on arrival day (oh, and also my other, “don’t go to chains in another country. I hadn’t slept in 24 hrs. I needed Starbucks, it was there, and yes, I paid 2,50 E for a Tall coffee)  Please ask tell me one part of this city I haven’t seen. I basically went crazy, to put it bluntly. I walked for as long as my legs could carry me and then I bought the Navigo Découverte (an unlimited metro, bus and inner city train pass) and I’ve been unstoppable since.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I arrived at my hotel, humble but friendly, and even though my room wasn’t ready they offered me my complimentary breakfast. I wouldn’t call it a ‘breakfast’ by my standards; it consisted of 1/2 baguette, nutella, canned fruit, orange juice, and hot chocolate. But, I needed something, fast and it did the job.

After tossing all of my belongings in my itty bitty room, I was off! I will happily write more detailed reflections on the sites I saw when I actually take time at each one. For now, a teaser.

First stop, Notre Dame. The sight of that monument honestly took my breath away.


Then, off to explore the Marais district. I forgot my ‘walking guide’ so I sorta just winged it. But I stumbled upon a lot of beautiful spaces and shops, and I’ll definitely be going back with list in hand.

I took a brief tour through the Latin Quarter before finding my predetermined lunch spot, Pre Verre . As I sat down I was immediately asked “Formule”? (the prix fixe) “Si, I mean, oui!” And thats all I said for the rest of the meal. I started munching on the bread as soon as I got it and an older Parisian woman started at me and blurted something in French. “Je ne parles francais”  I muttered. “Where you from?” she says. “Je suis americaine”. “Ah. The bread comes after. You don’t eat it now.” Needless to say, I through the bread on the table and didn’t touch it again until she gave me permission.

Pre Verre- neo bistro

The meal was very good, but not as great as I was expecting. However, for 13,50 E I got a starter of Lentil Tartine, a Main of Fricasse Poulet over house made fettuccini  in a glorious sauce; a glass of damn good wine, and an espresso (cafe). I would highly recommend this
restaurant for a true Parisian atmosphere. It was packed for lunch.

Pre Verre- neo bistro

My afternoon? Well, that is sort of a blur 😉  I hopped a random bus and ended up in Bastille. I hunted down E. Dehliren. What is it about kitchen stores that can make even a jetlagged American with no table manners (and is reminded of that fact) light up inside? It was gritty, charming, and I loved it. I wanted to buy every single copper item in there.

After, I found my final ‘planned’ destination, Repetto. My lovely friend, Gill, as well as a woman I met on the plane (who I’m supposed to meet with for a drink this week) highly recommended checking out this store.  I walked in and fell in love. They have the most beautiful ballet flats you’ve ever seen (but they start at 13oE…the pair I want are 185E, of course).
the most beautiful ballet flats on earth

Then I got lost… again and again and again. It’s ironic that so many people asked me for directions today… IN FRENCH. I guess my little blending technique is working (aside from when I was  inhaling a crepe from a street vendor on my way to the metro. Don’t mess with a hungry woman in Paris.)  Here is a little photo journey of the places I discovered while lost. It makes you look at following a planned route a little differently, huh?


Shopping mecca

Christmas in Gallerie Lafayette

Ferris Wheel on Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees

Click on any of the pictures to be directed to my Flickr page so you can browse the other pictures I haven’t included here.

Since I have successfully been awake for more hours than a person should be in a row, a bientot!

11 thoughts on “Paris Day 1: Happily Lost

  1. Lisey–
    Comment appelez vous? My gosh, it sounds wonderful !! The pictures are amazing and its just the first day– Have fun—


  2. Wow! Paris looks absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted to go there. I took French through middle school, high school and one semester in college. I’d love the chance to try and use my French skills. Haha 🙂 Have fun!!


  3. Bonjour Lisa!

    I just stumbled on your blog and will read all about your Paris trip when time permits. My daughter (26 y/o) and I are going in April (we’re American) and I’m trying to gather as much info as I can about this magical city, as this is our first visit. Unfortunately, we will be on an extremely tight budget, but I want to fit in as much as we can during our 10 days there. My daughter is a foodie, like yourself and any input you can give about food demonstrations/classes would be greatly appreciated. (unless of course you’ve covered that later on in your Paris trip blog.)
    I can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip. Thank you so much for posting this blog.
    Au revoir


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